Live the life... at night.


When looking for the ideal nightlife, people want to know the demographics of various locations. However, you have to pay a hefty fee to enter establishments before even seeing if you want to visit the place. This discourages people from participating. Enter Vida! With Vida, nightlife businesses (such as bars and clubs) enter demographics information on the business part of the application so that users can see what's going on inside in realtime.

Two-fold gains

Customers have a better idea of locations to go to so they are more likely to go and meet people. Businesses encourage people to come so they generate more revenue. Everyone wins! Let's go live the Vida!

What's next?

Improve the business side of the app with analytics. Improve the customer side of the app with location data including a heat map of other people and better Firebase integration to make it self-update in realtime.

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