We all realised it takes way too long to exchange socials in a party / gathering. We want to talk to our new friends, not frustratingly spend 10 minutes finding their profiles on 5 different platforms.

What it does

As a user of Vida, you can link your profiles from all your favourite social media apps. These combine nicely into a scannable QR code, which provides you with fine grained control over which social media accounts you are sharing with others.

How we built it

We used React Native and Firebase. RN was appropriate as we did not need any deep native API access and makes the app easily cross platform. Firebase is a great backend-as-a-service to quickly get our app up and running and have it be infinitely scalable.

Challenges we ran into

Although styling is similar to CSS, native components work very differently to web components. Our team were used to web development using React JS, but still faced challenges with styling and incompatible components causing puzzling crashes with no logs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing and implementing a fully working MVP in 36 hours with a professional, polished look feels really great.

What we learned

We learned a lot about developing native applications, and plan to go deeper when we develop more and eject from the Expo SDK.

What's next for Vida

We want to bring this app into production. We've conducted extensive market research and the resounding sentiment is "Yes, we want this!". Our target audience is entire generations of teens and young adults who face the same problem".

Although fully working as an MVP, we still have revolutionary features like "bump to exchange" and monetization options like badges and cosmetics. In short, we have long term plans for Vida post xhacks

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