What's the Problem?

Cows and other livestock have become very adept at hiding the symptoms of being sick so they don't appear weak to predators. But this makes the life of a farmer, especially one with a large herd, much harder because it isn't easy to detect when your cow (or any other animal) is getting ill, at least not until its progressed much further. We wanted to create a simple to use way to monitor how an animal is doing so farmers and pet owners alike can catch a disease before it spreads to other animals.

What it does

The VIDA is a wearable device that can be worn on an ear tag of livestock or around the collar of your dog. It tracks temperature and activity and will know when your dog, cow, or even pig isn't feeling too much like itself. By knowing what is out of ordinary for the selected breed, VIDA will send notifications straight to your phone or tablet to let you know something's wrong. This allows the user to immediately get the animal checked out before the possible illness spreads to others and gets worse.

You can also keep track of your animal's last vet visit, medication they are on and when they should take it. It is a much needed health tracker for those with a large amount of animals or just a lot of love for one.

How we built it

For the app: Several sketches were made and then Jessika Raisor built every screen of the app in Illustrator. Using the Marvel app website they were able to create a fully clickable app experience to show off the potential of our product.

For the Prototype: The 3D printed models were created in Solidworks and printed using a 3D printer by Lakaya Fearon. The temperature sensor was coded in Python on an Adafruit, Circuit Playground Express by Jacob Somwaru.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our challenges came from standard software and coding challenges that were overcame simply by time and research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team came together and worked really well from beginning to end. Considering how stressful and hectic Hackathons can be, we are proud we stayed relatively calm and sure of our project.

What we learned

The most interesting thing we learned was some of the ways animals show illness outside of just having a fever such as unusual posture or hardening muscles.

What's next for VIDA

In the future, we would love to see VIDA expand to health monitoring of many more animals as well as being able to detect even more signs of illness.

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