Video Content consumption is growing on mobile and advertisers are spending huge dollar on video advertising. 50% of these videos are consumed on mobile. Focus on short format video has also increased as the average human span attention is less than 8 sec. Also there is in an interesting insight about video consumption, 98% of time Phones are used in portrait mode while consuming videos. Our video content cloud SDK gives access to Short format vertical and horizontal videos.Our Android native video player embedded in SDK supports VAST 4.0, VAST 3.0 and VAST 2.0 Inline Linear Ads.

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Integrating the VID.AI Video Ads SDK into an app is the first step toward displaying ads and earning revenue. Once that's done, you can choose an ad format (such as Video in feed or Interstisial video) and get a detailed set of steps for implementing it.


Use Android Studio 2.0 or higher Target Android API level 16 or higher

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