ROBO-CALLER CULTURE CURVE Any device created to deflect telemarketers will only be defeated in time by the devious of our world. Let’s save millions of dollars on devices that will only be rendered obsolete making us repeat the same costly process over and over again. Keeping our solution as simple as possible offers the best chance for success. We live in a culture of instant gratification that has been building for decades. That culture is filled with a sub-culture of insidious advertisers who will literally stop at nothing to get their word out. So, instead of fighting them, let’s help them. Let’s use their energy against them. Let’s give everyone involved in this illegal act what they want. This way everyone can work together for a mutual benefit. TO CHANGE THE CULTURAL CURVE - We must: 1) KNOW WHAT ENTITIES WE ARE DEALING WITH: -Telemarketers -Telephone Carriers -Individuals Called 2) KNOW WHAT CULTURES AND SUB-CULTURES ARE DRIVING THEIR ACTIONS: -“Need for New Sales” drives the aggression of Telemarketers and their digital cohorts -“Maintaining Regular Business Operations and Monthly Profits” drives Telephone Carriers -“Preservation of Personal Time, Preventing Identity Theft and Saving Money” drives the Individuals Called 3) LEARN WHAT CONTROLS ARE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE TO WORK WITH: -Telephone Carriers can - Block, Reverse, Trace, Track, Add Charges, Etc. through their system, controlling the playing field -Individuals Called can - Waste Telemarketer’s Time, Hang-up, Not Answer 4) CREATE CONTROLS NEEDED: -Victory Code - A simple internationally accepted Dial Code to alert any related Carrier on the call chain of an illegal call, giving the Carriers the right to immediately auto-electronically debit the Telemarketer for the call. Non-payment results in immediate dropping of Telemarketer’s phone service. It must be profitable to the Telephone Carriers for them to freely participate; after all, the Telemarketers pay the Carriers for service. 5) DEVIATE THE CULTURAL CURVE by getting all entities working together through positive and negative incentives: Positive Incentives - The Victory Dial Code empowers the Individuals Called, adds $1.00 toward lowering their monthly bill, gives $1.00 to each Telephone Carrier for their services, and pays $1.00 toward the National Debt. Negative Incentives - Debiting Telemarketers will offer them the chance to continue their shady business practices at a price, possibly persuading them to seek other means of marketing. 6) MAKE USING REVERSE DEBITING DIAL CODES ILLEGAL UNLESS THEY ARE USED ON A ROBO-CALLER. Any use as a prank will be charged to the reporting number. Multiple infractions will remove said number’s service. This will create and reinforce an Accountable Team Culture for the Telemarketers, Telephone Carriers and Individuals Called. 7) GLOBAL INCENTIVE - All Charges will help lower U.S. National Debt, Foreign Carrier’s National Debt and curve the Telemarketing Culture while giving the Individuals Called both a good feeling of control over their personal world and monetary incentive. Through this equally beneficial team effort, curving the Telemarketers’ Culture will curb the calls emitted, and best of all, its instant electronic automation without the need of human tracing or intervention.

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