Veterans risked their lives to let us sit in the comfort of our home. It’s time to give back and create solutions for problems countless veterans face every day.

What it does

Victory is a social interaction, networking, and community web app intended to encourage people to help the veterans in their transition into society and promote inclusion. Users can post thank you messages, inspirational quotes, etc every day and give the veterans the psychological support that they deserve. Victory lets users post course offerings and job listings to help the veterans acquire essential skills and provide a platform to quick-start their civilian careers. The application also provides a medium to donate and financially support the veterans. Users can also search through various events, posts and photos.

How we built it

We developed the front-end styling for the website using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and W3.CSS. We programmed the back-end server connection with Python Flask. The application database is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. is used to create a safe Gateway for payments when users donate and help the veterans. We use the Twilio API to send a broadcast message to all users through the web app whenever a new event is posted by a user to always keep the veterans updated about meetups and fun events happening around them. A search feature that uses keyword matching to search through users, posts, events etc. is implemented using the Algolia API.

Challenges we ran into

Using the Firebase DB and integrating it into the application. Integration of the API, Algolia API and deployment on the Google Cloud Engine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Victory can act as a a bridge between the veterans and the civil society and help them in better inclusion.

What we learned

We came across a lot of new APIs and interfaces that we integrated with our application like, Algolia, Twilio, etc. We also had the opportunity to talk to and connect with a veteran and understand what he and others like him go through during the rough phase of returning back to normalcy.

What's next for Victory

We plan to research and get more information about problems faced by the veterans and come up with more efficient solutions. We also plan to improve the payment gateway and make payment transactions easier to track.

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