A good mutual friend of all team members has been colorblind his whole life, and has never seen the color purple.

What it does

The program takes a live feed from a phone's camera, and adjusts the hues and saturation to allow those who are colorblind to view objects as they truly are.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and OpenCV

Challenges we ran into

OpenCV had a lack of functionality with the android system as there was multiple bugs and system crashes throughout the process. Introduction and self teaching of android studio

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To get started into a project that we seek to continue, as it will provide freedom and introduce never before seen images to 5% of the population.

What we learned

How to use OpenCV, and NOT to use OpenCV with android. Animation for icons, and further development of software that includes the phone camera in moble.

What's next for Vico

To provide a new view of life for colorblind individuals through an accessible apps, and a self built (or pay $3) for a VR google cardboard headset.

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