There are a lot of people who simply don't earn money from investments because it seems completely unknown for them and quite expensive. We decided to implement an investment app so it would provide everything you need to be comfortable while investing and to gain a profit from investing.

What it does

Firstly, our test defines your risk tolerance and defines in which assets it is better to invest to achieve your goal. Then, we do an analytics due to portfolio theory and offer you an efficient portfolio, created from different combinations of stocks and offer you to invest in a few portfolios: with the best Sharpe ratio with, with minimal volatility and with your preffered options.

How we built it

We have done the analytics in accordance to Markowitz`portfolio theory running portfolio optimization model in python and then connected everything to iOS app with user-friendly interface and best user experience.

Challenges we ran into

We were struggling when creating optimization model to make everything works out. Also quite challangable was to come up with the solution that outperforms the market. We don`t have a UI\UX designer in the team, so creating a nice interface took so long.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our product is nice, affordable and just simple as that. We are providing everyone with the golden chance to try himself or herself as an investor guiding and ensuring the entire smooth process from picking an assets set to connecting with an interactive broker. Without an UI\UX designer we came up with the fancy mockups using a Sketch tool.

What we learned

When you are creating a design first of all you have to check whether it is exportable. :)

What's next for Viche Finance

To transform our prototype into the sufficient aplication

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