Vice City Coin (VCC)

Vice City Coin alows non accrideted investers invest into Miami through Proof of Stake and a DAO. Using our platform, users can vote on what their investement may be used for.

  • Proof of Stake: PoS helps validate transactions on the blockchain. Additionally, participants who stake Vice City Coin receive staking rewards & ability to vote in the DAO.

  • Decentralized autonomous organization: Investors who staked their coins get to decide where their money gets invested based on the safe & transparent blockchain voting system: DAO
    • Money is lent to finance Government Projects, Corporate Projects, Start-ups and anything else the DAO votes on. Inflationary & Deflationary risks will be addressed through Proof of Stake and Burning.


  • Coin
    • Blockchain
    • Rust
    • Solana
  • Database
    • AWS S3
    • MongoDB
  • Web App
    • React.js
    • Javascript
    • AWS Lambda
  • Hosting
    • AWS S3
    • AWS Cloudfront


We have sucessfully build a coin on blockchain technology which you can have in your digital wallet at this moment. click here for Instructions.

We were able to put together a working demo.


  1. With only a week until the deadline, we got started as soon as possible. We brainstormed multiple ideas but ultimately settle on one, VCC.
  2. Our team consisted of only 4 people. We planned a roadmap, divided the various different tasks, and reported to each other what we were able to accomplish and what were are having a hard time with every meeting we had in order to maximize our potential
  3. Minuscule experience
    • The first challenge after coming up with the idea was actually setting up the coin.
    • None of us had any signficant previous experience working with blockchain and we also never programmed in Rust.
    • We were not too savy in the realm of Smart Contracts. As of right now, they are not yet implemented into the website

What we learned

  • Blockchain: We learned starting from the very basics of what blockchain actually is up to being able to work with it in our project. After attending the blockchain workshop/presentation, we're able to decipher some of the common misconceptions about blockchain, some of the use cases of blockchain, and other technologies use along side blockchain.
  • Smart Contracts
  • Consensus

Next Up

  • Our main goal is to give everyone the ability to invest into Miami. Adding VCC to all major wallets will ensure that everyone is able to obtain our coin.
  • Currently, the only way you can obtain VCC is if one of our team members manually send it to your digital wallet. We look to automate that process and have your coins transfered to you through the website.
  • We also look toward adding the coin to the market.
  • And of course, getting compliance on the appropriate laws and regulations is one of our top priority.

Meet the Team

Kristina Khudiakova - Hernan Montoya - Smyvens Estime - Daniel Popa

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