VIBLIO brings the amazing technology of video management to people’s personal video libraries. Individuals, families and organizations are collecting massive amounts of video files that are personally or professionally extremely valuable to them. VIBLIO is applying video processing technology to help consumers actually consume their personal videos instead of just storing them on a hard drive or in the cloud.

VIBLIO is a full video management platform that applies video and image processing technology to make your memories more fun to watch and share. We integrate with the Orbeus Rekognition Technology to help people easily filter through their video library by the faces in their videos. We combine Orbeus technology with other image processing techniques to create short video summaries of groups of video clips.


  • parents can easily create video albums of each of their children’s videos and share them privately with family
  • schools and daycares can easily create video albums of their students and their events and share them privately within the school community
  • kids’ sports teams can easily create video albums of players and games and share them privately within the team and its extended community
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