Visually impaired people can feel any object and physical attributes but cannot see the colors. Their other senses (such as hearing) are very strong and their memory is really sharp. We want to use these phenomena to bring colors to their life.

We have associated every basic color with a music note. According to its position in the visible spectrum, each color will have a separate music note.

We have built a color recognition software which will recognize the color of an object and play the assigned music note.

Also, we are detecting some basic 2-D shapes using the same concept. Every basic object is a combination of multiple shapes, so the software will detect all those shapes at the same time and play the respective sounds. It will create a complex music (color and shapes playing at same time),but the music will always be the same for a specific shape and color. Therefore, using their extra-ordinary sound memory the user will be able to create a memory map for the same

One of the major hurdles in this system can be to train the user for the system. Therefore, we have created different levels of system where we move from basic and less number of colors in level 1 to more distinguished colors in further levels,to help the users create a memory for music notes.

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