Karens. Survival video games in a first person player format, combined with exploration and fight based video games. We drew inspiration for the game theme from so-called 'Karens' in social media.

What it does

Simulates real life. Generates a 3D Rendered game in a maze format that the player navigates while attempting to avoid obstacles that cause damage to the player, ie Karens, before the health bar reaches empty or the player is unable to move due to Karens, ending the game.

The purpose of our project is to heal the lonely and depressed state students have descended into. By bringing the incredibly meme-able, yet very real, concept of Karens into a virtual space in which students have a chance to defeat them once and for all as a manager, students will regain the sense of accomplishment and purpose that they have been deprived of during quarantine. It will also bring immense hilarity through the secondary purpose of the game; to bring chaotic joy to the players.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, and tears. We used Unreal Engine and a number of royalty free 3D models.

Challenges we ran into

Angry Karens demanding refunds of the free game. Running the engine brought some technical difficulties which was a major challenge we faced, especially in the beginning of the project. Additionally, communicating the files across team members faced occasional challenges, as the files would sometimes be incorrectly loading on one team member’s computer and loading correctly on another’s. Most of the team was unfamiliar with Unreal Engine and as such we had to learn a majority of the engine’s functions in a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Defeating the Karens who opposed us. Developing the AI feature the Karen models use to spawn and follow the player, and learning how to use Unreal Engine in such a short amount of time. Particularly solving all the errors we ran into with the combined work of the team.

What we learned

Taekwondo. How to use Unreal Engine to create a 3D game, particularly generating blueprints.

What's next for Karen-pocalypse

A trial for our war crimes. We plan to expand the game to include more levels, with more difficult mazes, up till 5 levels. Additionally, we planned to implement a way to fight back against the Karen models, being able to defeat them by giving them masks. We would have liked to add a feature that gave the player mini objectives, namely finding a particular mask on each level and then having to fight a special ‘Boss Karen’ in a given room with said mask. Design wise, we would have liked to decorate the mall setting more and had several models generated. Additionally, we had certain audio clips recorded and planned to install in the game, however we ran out of time.

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