Human Trafficking is an underappreciated problem that requires additional technology solutions. Survivors of human trafficking, in particular, do not have enough resources to improve the transition back to society.

Mental health problems are common among these individuals and are difficult to treat. These problems can stem from traumatic experiences and lead to serious health conditions and possibly death (in the case of suicide). There are no reliable methods of tracking one’s mental health.

A major challenge in creating solutions for human trafficking survivors is that they (1) do not appreciate the stigma associated with being labeled as a human trafficking survivor, (2) do not trust corporations/government agencies/society due to their past experiences, (3) do not like repeating their stories of human trafficking and (4), and need greater awareness for resources that can help them improve their transition.

What it does

App Descriptions: Survey and track mental/physical wellness and provide targetted recommendations to improve wellness through local resources.

App Functions: (1) Survey user of mental/physical wellbeing (2) Provide targetted recommendations based on established resources in the local area (3) Provide a live map of local resources that participant can learn about, book appointments, rate based on experience (4) User inputted resource data (rating) recalibrates map and suggestions for user and other users to provide better resource recommendations (5) Take weekly wellness quizzes (6) Track progress/history of user wellness score, user prior appointments history and user prior ratings.

How we built it

This IOS App was built with swift, objective-c, and firebase.

USing cloud technology for our data processing. We will be training an AI mood algorithm to wellness recommendations.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the best to approach survivors, ways to keep users engaged or interested in downloading the app.

Integration of mood algorithm with the identification of relevant resources.

Integration of user functionality due to dependency clashes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ability to help human trafficking survivors and general populations struggling with mental wellbeing.

What we learned

Learned about the sensitivity of human trafficking survivors and the best way to engage them.

What's next for Vibes

Improvement of mood algorithm. Additional of new wellbeing resources to live map.

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