In a world where mental health resources are scarce and expensive, seeking help when you’re going through some personal struggles is a struggle in itself.

Especially for the youth in underdeveloped nations like the Philippines, typical resources like therapy are impossible to access.


Under these circumstances, the youth from these countries are left on their own and left without hope in finding solutions that can actually address their needs.


Introducing… vibes.

A self-empowering mental health first aid app.

Vibes tracks your mental well-being through pop-up notifications on your phone, asking about how you’re feeling.

Vibes analyzes your mood self-reports and provides recommendations that you can easily integrate into your daily lifestyle.

Vibes acknowledges that professional help is a privilege a lot of young people don’t have and provides you with an easy, first-aid solution where you are empowered to become more proactive in how you cope with your struggles.


The app’s technology uses data analytics in processing the mood tracker with your app usage, screen time, photos, interests & hobbies, and diary entries to help you learn more about how your daily activities impact your mood and what you can do the next time you feel down.


While there are existing mood tracker apps in the market, Vibes is the only innovation that uses unique data analytics technology to connect user behavior with their mental health.

With this, launching Vibes on mobile app stores will be seamless.

We’ll procure funds from prominent organizations in the mental health sector of developed countries, data science companies who would like to support our technology, and even angel investors who are interested in our innovative advocacy.

Vibes supports those who don’t have the privilege of getting help, find help in their day to day lives.

Built With

  • figma
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