Ever got that feeling that you’re in a movie, while jogging by a river or walking through a crowded square but there was something missing? Vibely, is the app that intelligently matches your location and the context around you with music that suits the mood of the environment. A soundtrack to your life. Why? “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche How?

Using Google’s new Awareness API, Vibely reacts to the user’s current situation through different types of context. By combining different contexts, Vibely refines the life experience in new ways that weren’t possible before, for example it uses the Spotify API to suggest a playlist when you plug your headphones and start jogging, or it recognizes with the Fence API that you’re on a beach and suggests chill mixtapes from Soundcloud.

How we built it

Technology: Google Awarness API (Fence API and Snapshot API) Spotify API Soundcloud API

What we learned

a lot

What's next for

Vibely - Official Sountrack of Your Life

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