After spending an extremely long period of time with my team members at our co-op positions, the three of us came to realize that your work environment can have an extreme impact on ones productivity and overall morale. Simple changes such as how bright or dark a room is, how loud or quiet the workspace is, and the overall temperature, all made significant impacts on each of us individually. As IBM is currently moving towards an AGILE workplace, we did some research and found that a product like this that helped improve individuals environments was near nonexistent. Therefore, we decided to create vibED to help fill that gap, to help ourselves, as well as to assist other workers in the community in order to increase global productivity and build a smarter planet.

The inspiration for our name came from the words Vibe and Edison. Vibe because one's "vibe" is easily affected by ones environment, and Edison due to the Intel Edison micro-controller we used.

What it does

vibED takes in environmental sensor data and parses it through our backend, where it is converted into a user friendly format, which is then displayed through an easy to use mobile app, which explains in simple terms how one can improve their environment, thus also improving their productivity and overall morale. vibED takes in data sensors including ambient temperature, light and sound. This raw data is then transported to Firebase, derived from MongoDB, hosted on IBM Bluemix. This allows us the chance to parse the data and create meaningful information for the user. This data is then retrieved by an iOS application, which interfaces with the user to help the user make meaningful and easy changes to their environment.

How I built it

We divided the tasks into hardware, web dev/backend, and a front end mobile application.

Challenges I ran into

We had issues with networking and the Intel Edison micro controller which was unable to connect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to combine these separate platforms together into a cohesive product that is useful for many people.

What I learned

We gained experience in python, node.js, deploying to IBM Bluemix, utilizing MongoDB, Swift, iOS UI/UX development, and in working together as a team to create a product under stressful conditions.

What's next for vibED

vibED does not end with HackTX. As a team, we truly believe that vibED can help the greater community in assisting them in becoming more productive. Therefore, we plan on continuing development and creating iterations with even more functionality in order to provide an even greater assistance.

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