We thought of this idea while making jokes about the popular "vibe check" phrase. We're all interested in data analytics and have seen all of the posts at the end of the year on reddit about people that track certain parts of their day over the course of the previous year. Seeing an existing interest for the tracking of this data and data visualization, we wanted to create an easy way for users to log their moods (vibe) and see all of this data visualized.

What it does

The goal of this mobile application is to allow users to easily choose a mood (vibe) that encapsulates their day, which is essentially a rating on a scale from 1-5. They are also able to write a short note to attach to each day so that they can add more details explaining why their day went the way it did. Users will get a notification in the evening to remind them to log their mood. Users will see their moods like a monthly calendar with the option of seeing a yearly view.

How I built it

We created an API using express which connected to our Google Cloud SQL database. This API gets queried by our mobile application that was written in React Native. Prototyping and design was done within Figma.

Challenges I ran into

We used a stack completely new to all of us, so most of the challenges came with learning the new technology. We also have never created a mobile application because we have done web development, so that was a huge challenge as well!

What I learned

Learned a lot about what goes into mobile application as well as the entirety of our tech stack.

What's next for VibeCheck

It would be nice to continue working on this project so that we can properly learn how to use the stack. There were certain features we wanted to add that we just didn't have time to.

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