In the current scenario, the cycle of the song always begins with the artist ,i.e., the artist is the first one to get input but the last one to get output in the form of cash. Also, there are multiple distributors and intermediaries in the whole cycle because of which the cash payment the artist gets for his/her hardwork reduces by 82%.

What it does

It basically solves two problems and has multiple features alongside it: Problems Solved: 1) Removing the intermediaries and providing better hold and ownable rights to the artist over his piece of work with the help of smart contracts deployed on the 5ire chain blockchain. 2) Alongside, decentralising the whole process of music distribution it also goes well with the UN SDG goal 10 which believes in equality. Our platform is solely based on the fan-artist direct interaction and hence there is no inequality. Moreover, the smart contracts are deployed on the 5ire chain which is environment friendly as compared to other similar EVM blockchains

How we built it

Tech Stack used in frontend: 1) HTML, CSS, Javascript 2) React.js

Tech Stack used in backend: 1)Node.js 2)Solidity 3) Remix IDE 4) Hardhat 5) Truffle

Challenges we ran into

Integrating smart contracts to the frontend as we used the 5ire blockchain for the first time along with this being our first web3 project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon as well as first web3 project and we are definitely proud of completing it in within the given time frame. As a beginner, we got to learn a lot.

What we learned

Better use of git and github in working together with a team and performing certain tasks in limited time possible.

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