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Remember the good old days when learning used to be about learning? Me neither.

Over the course of my high school career, I have had to learn latin, outdated computer wiring, and memorize obscure facts and dates.

I often wondered to myself: How does this add value to me? Why am I doing all of this? Eventually, I realized: The purpose of school is not to learn; rather, the education system is an assessment-centric filtration system that ranks students on their ability to memorize and regurgitate information.

However, I was genuinely curious and interested in learning. I realized that if I wanted to learn, I would need to find another way. And so, I tried Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight.

However, once again, I was disappointed upon realizing the superficial nature of these online learning platforms. It was learning in the name of 'career advancement'. It was learning for a purpose other than learning.

There is a need for a platform where learning for the sake of learning is viable. There is a need for a platform where learning is made easy, affordable, and engaging. There is a need for Vibe.

Vibe is a decentralized educational platform that democratizes learning by enabling students to take charge of their own learning.

Vibe removes barriers to learning such as accessibility, affordability, and lack of engagement:

Vibe is a digital platform that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

Because Vibe is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it eliminates third party costs, fairly compensating ‘teachers’ for their educational content and making said educational content more affordable.

Additionally, Vibe promotes a community-based learning approach. Sometimes, learning difficult material on your own can be… well, difficult. More often than not, self-learners do not have anywhere to turn for help. For this reason, learning on your own can be a time-intensive and discouraging process. Learning in a community enables students to not only help each other but also to make learning a more enjoyable activity. Vibe crowdsources learning through the use of forums and community chat rooms.


Vibe makes learning about learning by removing barriers to learning such as accessibility, affordability, and lack of engagement.

We believe that the implications of Vibe in the world of learning could be profound.

How does it work?

All users have the option to create and/or enroll in classes. There are no restrictions on the content of classes: Classes can educate on any topic under the sun. Classes are made of a number of lessons which can be added and edited individually and modularly.

Once a teacher creates a class, they set a price to their class. Students can then purchase the class and leave ratings depending on their experience with the class. Each class comes with forum functionality and a chat room to encourage community-driven learning.

Technology Stack

Vibe is a decentralized application that runs on the Ethereum ecosystem. The smart contracts are written in solidity, using the Truffle Framework, and deployed onto the Goerli Testnet. They are then integrated into the React frontend using the Web3 JS library. Vibe also makes use of the Interplanetary File System or IPFS to store lesson video content.

What's Next for Vibe?

After SF Hacks we hope to continue polishing our project through repeated iterations of testing. There are also other features we hope to add onto our application, like chat and quiz functions for each lesson. A forum where students can post their work, and discuss with others about new concepts would be ideal. There are also other features and designs we want to tweak to provide a more welcoming, casual, and comfy vibe to our application.

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