What it does

This program prompts the user for responses to questions regarding their overall well being and outlook on life. Using Google AI and Machine Learning Product, the sentiment of the users responses is detected and used to determine their mood. Based on their mood, fun links are suggested for the user to check out to improve their mood!

Challenges I ran into

We had a difficult time integrating speech to text capabilities within the software. As a result, we currently prompt the user for test input of their answer responses to analyst. We plan on integrating speech to text capabilities in the future. We also had a challenge linking our backend with our user interface. We tried building APIs to resolve this issue and are making progress however at this time they are incomplete.

What I learned

We had the opportunity to play with Google's Cloud Products and work on implementing them in our final product.

What's next for Vibe Check

Further enhance the communication between the user and the program by linking our back end functionality with our front end user interface as well as incorporate speech to text capabilities.

Built With

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