VibeCare was inspired by our team's common desire for a sense of health, well-being, and general good feelings among young people today - Vibes!

What it does

VibeCare provides a unique twist on a health app by incentivizing users to log their habits through the implementation of game design mechanics. Logging your habits rewards you with CareCoins, which you can use to buy Vibes, small pets that keep you company and support the progress of your healthy lifestyle!

How we built it

We built VibeCare using Processing, a Java-based IDE that provides tools for developing graphics and visual structure. Our development process started off with brainstorming ideas until we decided we wanted to focus on a health hack that could improve people's well-being. From there, we decided on Processing as our development platform based on our team's strengths and experience, and planned out the structure of our project through storyboarding and lots of whiteboard drawings!

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges that we ran into from the start of the project was learning how to effectively use Processing to implement the ideas in our project, as most of our team was not experienced in using the software. Another big challenge keeping the project focused on the original goal of health and well-being, trying to prevent scope creep off of our main idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all extremely proud that we were able to design an application that incorporates both a strong focus on improving health and well being, as well as a strong aesthetic and value on audience appeal.

What we learned

Throughout the development of VibeCare, we learned a lot about aspects of product design, teamwork, and how to work through a large project through the delegation of various tasks.

What's next for VibeCare

We designed VibeCare with scalability and expansion in mind. In the future, VibeCare could expand to different platforms such as web and iOS to make the app available to as many people as possible. Other ways of interacting with the app, like voice input, and personalized features, such as colour-blind accommodation, could contribute to increased accessibility. VibeCare has great potential for content expansion as well, such as tracking a user's health statistics, and implementing a tracker for environmental impact.

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