Our Product

Vibe by Vivid is an web-based app that allows users to report their mood and then compare their mood to other users nearby. When users report how they're feeling, the data is changed into colors. The result is colored map that shows concentrated populations of people who are also feeling happy, sad, stressed, annoyed, etc.

This idea was created to help connect students on university campuses and to create a sense of shared emotional experiences while still preserving user anonymity. This app can be used to paint a larger picture of the emotional status of the entire student body of a college. This app can help users notice trends such as stressful times on campus, as well as positive spaces on campus.

About the Team

Morgan Caswell is a 2nd year student at the Community College of Philadelphia studying physics. Isabelle Greenberg is a freshman at Stony Brook University studying computer science. David Light and Kell Pogue are juniors at Tufts University studying computer science and math.

This team was brought together by combined passion for creativity and desire to improve ourselves.

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