Pick a contact and set or create a unique vibration pattern - it's that easy!

You can now create your own personalized ViBe patterns by unlocking the custom ViBe feature. ViBe notifications also work with SMS & MMS text messages. You'll feel who's texting you without having to look down at your phone! Compatible with Handcent, GO SMS Pro

Simple instructions:

  1. Choose a Contact
  2. Set / create a vibration pulse for that contact
  3. Done!

Whether you're in an office meeting, class, at a bar or on a movie date, there's no need to pull out your phone anymore to see who's calling because you'll feel it. If ringtones can be customized to help you recognize a contact, why not let your phone's vibrations indicate who's on the other end of the line? Now you can tell your friends what ViBe you've set them as.

ViBe has changed the way that phone vibration settings work by letting users assign different vibration patterns to different contacts. ViBe on the Galaxy Note takes this even one step further by letting users create personalized vibration sequences using the Pen for the Galaxy Note. Imagine being able to draw the intensity of a vibration pattern - wild concept and a very different use case for the Galaxy Note Pen! Users of the Galaxy Note can create stronger vibrations by dragging the Pen higher on the screen as well as create muted softer vibrations by drawing lower on the screen. ViBe is a useful app for the deaf community and the Galaxy Note could make the app even more accessible to the deaf.

NOTE: ViBe for the Galaxy Note is available for download using the following link: http://www.base2apps.com/vibe/ViBeNote.apk

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