You can use your Android device as a remote control to play media on your Smart TV. Simply choose what you want to watch and select Play On TV.

Watch your favorite entertainment in your living room or on the go. Viaway is available on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and more. Learn more about devices we support at

Migrate your viewing experience seamlessly across devices: start watching on your tablet, continue watching on your TV

Enjoy iTunes functionality on your favorite Samsung device with Viaway. Choose from over 100,000 podcasts, 50,000 radio stations and 1,000 live tv channels.

Viaway brings the world of the internet video and audio podcasts, live TV, on-line internet radio to your Android mobile phone and tablet, personalized for your taste, mood and selection.

Driven by you, customize your entertainment with Viaway Plus. Bookmark your favorite channels, programs and shows and create custom channels across all media with saved searches.

Viaway is your entertainment now.

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