Our team met on the hackathon EdHack in Mail.ru, where we build the first version of our solution and won a price with it.

ViaReal is a virtual reality educational project. We are making laboratories in VR to make science closer to the students. Our product is for the schools, which don't have any laboratory equipment or want to provide too expensively and large-scale experiments.

The technical part of our solution is very simple. We are using Unity to visualize all in HTC Vive. Our main feature is a real physics we use in the labs. It gets students the opportunity to provide the experiments in the real-time.

We are going to run into "Your track" challenge.

We won at the EdHack hackathon in "Educational project" nomination, were finalists at Imagine Cup Russia 2018. We also participated at **WFYS 2017* in Sochi and build the Optics laboratory for MSU Physics Department for the Festival of Science.

Now we are going to expand the Russian market, which is very conservative and controlled by the government.

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