What does it do?

Transfer Money to your bank account, accept payments and keep track of transactions easily, but it's not just for that!

Who is it for?

We focus on small individuals, often people do small transactions to pay money they owe, Request payment or Send money to friends, the current financial infrastructure is more available to business than individuals, using the powered utilities provided by Rapyd we are building a reliable system of transactions and we are allowing individuals to manage their money easily, because

Business should be open for everyone 🏪

Not everyone accepting payments and sending it is a business. After verifying your account you can start accepting payments and send payment requests with and easy to use app interface and Rapyd Checkout page

Send money the way they like, Get paid the way you like👌

Freelancers for example often face the challenge of doing work for a new person every job, and not everyone is using PayPal We are Empowering freelancers, Freelancers can just send them a simple link to pay, and offer multiple methods tailored to the client location and Freelancer location, so you can Reach more people around the world

Available 24/7** 📅

Money doesn't have be in on hold for days, or on weekends because banks are closed while an action is in progress, in most cases we only deduct the amount when the payment is accepted

An eWallet is not enough

Most users face the issue of withdrawing funds, if you know your funds are always at the ATM you can charge more money to your wallet with confidence, Request a physical direct debit card after verifying your account, and get mailed your new physical card

Your money is in your phone, your Card and at the ATM

Your money is always available to withdraw in cash, or to make a quick online purchase,

Pay online with confidence: 💳

Pay to any store online without worrying about your sensitive banking information, with ViaFusion and Rapyd Issuing Platform you can make your own online credit card to submit to the online seller, when payment is done, you can choose to deactivate your card

Don't worry about leaked data, your money is safe

Every so often huge datasets of leaked information it out to the public, when you use our credit card you have full control if anyone can withdraw from it, so this nice coffee mug you once bought from at this small store shouldn't worry you

Your family is closer 👪

Now you don't have to go through banks to send your family money, with wallet to wallet transfer on Rapyd Wallet Platform you can send them any payment, it even works around the world

I Sent the money; Did you receive it?!

Online payment gateways clients often face the issue of blocking payments for multiple of reasons, with Raypd and ViaFusion you can simulate a transaction going through the platform (Rapyd) to test if something will wrong before confirming. This should make users more confident about continuing with the transaction


  • Register with only phone number
  • Phone number verification using OTP
  • Easy access using phone number
  • Create credit card easily and activate it whenever needed
  • View all transaction made on credit card
  • User friendly dashboard : Access all features and see your balance from one place
  • Transactions:
  • Multiple ways to make a transaction
  • Connect payment and payouts and keep track of your transaction status
  • Withdraw money from multiple source to your wallet or destination
  • Verify payment using 3DS code or token to close the payment
  • Send money to multiple destinations
  • Accept money from banks, cards, cash or wallet
  • Send money to bank, cards, cash or wallet
  • Simulate sending money
  • In total : you can use hundreds of payment methods to accept or make payments the way you find it convenient
  • Save transaction to execute later
  • Schedule transaction to execute automatically
  • Send money n seconds from wallet to wallet using only phone number with a short message
  • Request payment easily from anyone even the unregistered users with a convenient and easy to use Rapyd checkout page
  • Create a payment link or QR code

How it was built: 👨‍💻

Front-end : Angular 12 for the frontend

Mobile : We use Ionic 5 with Capacitor

Backend : Nodejs with PostgreSQL ‍💻

GitHub Frontend:https://github.com/MoustafaMohsen/viafusion-ionic Backend:https://github.com/MoustafaMohsen/viafusion-expressjs

Utilized Rapyd APIs:


Rapyd Collect

Rapyd Disburse

Rapyd Issuing

Rapyd Wallet

Other Rapyd APIs

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