Global warming is constantly affecting our lives in America. Last year was the hottest year on record and while the problem might seem to be that of politicians and policymakers to make decisions to reduce emissions and build sustainable economies, living sustainable lives now is a part we can all play as college students.

We take on the challenge of reusing, by building a platform where students can exchange carton boxes that were used for packaging for credit in the form of campus cash or dining dollars. This kind of gamification of the process of reusing will encourage students to be more actively engaged in acting to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

We decided to pursue this problem because campus students are rarely engaged actively in reducing garbage and waste, which they receive in form cartons while shopping online and because college campuses are often communities that can engage in reducing their carbon footprint by incentivizing their students to inculcate sustainability in their daily routines.

All of us were coming to this hackathon with little experience in hacking. We all came to know each other through Brickhack. Not having that much experience in hacking, we had to come up with an idea that each of us could take a part in and contribute. After having an idea in mind and realizing we couldn't implement it in time, we decided to pick this project that we could all work on together.

We certainly had to learn a lot to get it done, from implementing the website to trying out the mobile application. But in the end, it was a worthwhile experience for us all!

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