Currently call centres and agencies set up for COVID-19 pandemic are handling calls concerning a range of difference scenarios. Anxious callers are on the line waiting for authorised information from their care givers. Answering the queries of the callers is time consuming during these pandemic times. The information provided by the caregivers may not reach the caller effectively. Callers have no access to recollect the information being shared. Governments worldwide have difficulties in broadcasting COVID-19 related information personally into their citizens mobile phones. Social media is flooded with fake and unauthorised information.

What it does

Incareview allows the immediate dissemination of authorised COVID-19 information to all callers without delay. This ensures the concerned caller gets the information relevant to that person, these include:Occupational Health, Pregnancy,Travel ,Immunocompromised, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms, Testing etc., How it works: Step 1: Recommended information from authorised Govt. source is collected, grouped and stored in our platform as tags. e.g. COVID- General, COVID- Maternity, etc. Step 2: The nurse manning the call centre attends the call from a caller and advises him/her on the current recommended actions by the Govt. using the pre-set tags. The nurse can also personalise further information if required. Step 3: The nurse will get the mobile number of the caller and prescribes the relevant COVID- content to the caller. Step 4: The Caller receives a Text on their mobile. Step 5: By clicking the link, the caller can download the Incareview app and access the information prescribed by the nurse.

How I built it

Built using Micro-services architecture, and tech stack is MEAN

Challenges I ran into

Getting access to health authorities is very difficult and time consuming. Govt. are not willing to engage with startups.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a pilot running in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, where our tool is piloted to provide personalised care plans for patients with prostate cancer. We received European Commission funding of €50,000 for the above pilot.

What I learned

The importance of pivoting your solution as per the need mankind needs. Piloting and product validation is a key requirement for any digital health tool

What's next for Via - COVID-19 Public Info Dissemination Tool

We are offering our product free for healthcare authorities in EU region.. We are in talks with Occupational Health Industry to use our product in disseminating factual information for healthcare workers.

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