Inspiration: Getting a House and Building one hasn't been easy both on the House Agent and the intending buyer. Reducing this stress and making the Real Estate Sector a more transparent and stress-relieving task.

What it does: It shows to the intending house owner, a better view of what he's buying without even leaving his home. So, we're creating a platform where one can just sit at home, browse through different properties for sale or lease, and visit the properties using VR.

How I built it: We built it using a variety of tools that works. We used Unity3D game Engine, Blender, VSCode, and using C# programming language we were able to build the entire VR (Virtual Reality) scene in Unity and used Blender for the 3d modelling. HTML, CSS and JavaScript was used to create the site to browse through each properties before visiting them in VR.

Challenges I ran into: Optimization of assets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: It was able to be built finally to at least an MVP phase.

What I learned: perseverance, hard work and skill.

What's next for vHousing: Pushing it to the world.

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