A migrant or refugee arrives in a new, unfamiliar land. What's the first thing they do?

The arrival and integration process for a new migrant is often complex, alienating, and strenuous. Refa seeks to make this process much easier by:

  • Connecting refugees and relevant/friendly community organizations
  • Gather community consensus on migrant-friendly services
  • Enabling small business owners to access new demographics

Refa is a digitized word-of-mouth network. As a migrant or refugee becomes embedded in a new city or country, Refa too evolves, and motivates the normally arduous process of integrating into a new culture and livelihood.

Refa allows underrepresented and marginalized parties to discover and rank community services and organizations. Refa seeks to build trust both between members of refugee/migrant communities with shared commonalities, and between such communities and their cities/countries at large.

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