Do you like, totally LOVE everything about the 1980's? Well, test your knowledge of this most awesome of decades with VH1's I Love the 80s Trivia game for Samsung TVs.

All questions are created by writers from VH1's hit series, "I Love the 80s" and they're sure to challenge even the most bodacious 80s trivia buff. With three types of questions - multiple choice, matching and timeline - this game is guaranteed to take your 80s knowledge to the max.

Play alone or against up to four friends. You can pass the TV remote control or, for the best head-to-head trivia experience, download the I Love the 80s remote apps from the iTunes App Store or from the Android Market. The mobile device connects via WiFi to the TV and makes it easy to control the trivia action on your Samsung TV!

NOTE: The TV app and the mobile remote apps have not yet been added to their respective app stores. This is due to an issue with the Samsung firmware that prevents the apps from connecting to the televisions (RTMFP connection blocked). It should be resolved with a firmware update very soon, according to Samsung HQ.

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