With almost tens and hundreds of new online video courses and lectures available everyday, it gets overwhelming even for a passionate learner. While brainstorming for new ideas, our team thought what if we can make this learning process more efficient and easy to use?

We came up with vgrep.

What it does

vgrep is an astonishingly easy to use Android application that provides you with notes to accompany your video lecture. You can also skip to parts of the video you want to rewatch by clicking the respective note segment. This way you don't have to watch the whole video again or struggle finding the parts you want to relearn - vgrep saves you the hassle!

How we built it

Most of the services are built for Android in Java. The backend server is build with django framework with hosting using Azure cloud. We are using various Microsoft Cognitive Sciences APIs to parse the video and summarise the speech-to-text outputs.

Challenges we ran into & the accomplishments that we're proud of

We encountered a lot of obstacles with our venture in the past 36 hours. While using the complete Microsoft suite (from azure and mySQL to their Speech and Language APIs) eased some aspects of our tasks, using them in an Android application was a challenge. We spent about one-third of our time just trying to use these APIs to our advantage- it took a lot of effort but we made it! And next time we'll be better prepared when and if we use them again.

What we learned

We are all freshman from Purdue, studying various disciplines related to computers. For one of our teammates its was his first Hackathon and still a relatively new experience for the rest of us. We learnt about configuring and searching for new APIs using RapidAPI's technologies. Two of our teammates started learning JavaScript to create a node.js backend as our django server won't configure well, while the rest of us started working with angular as we pivoted from an Android application to a web app. Although(luckily) we ended up with what we all originally planned, we became familiar with a lot of new technologies to work on in the future.

What's next for vgrep?

Increase accessibility for people with disabilities; we feel that our app can be of even more use if people with hearing or learning disabilities can learn with the aid of our platform when they could have otherwise not before.

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