The current data collection methods used by restaurants have very low turnover rates and unreliable/inefficient. They fail to capture validated meaning data. The questions are static and very broad. Our smart algorithm chooses custom questions specific to each customer and restaurant's needs- restaurants get a balanced amount of data for each product (i.e., even if everyone on one day orders spaghetti, the restaurant isn't just going to get a bunch of unnecessary results about spaghetti) and customers get specific, simple, and intuitively-framed questions based on their specific order and situation. The customer is presented with a black booklet that holds the receipt at the end of the meal- the perfect opportunity to answer 3-5 questions. Customers would receive a small discount or coupon in exchange for filling out the survey, meaning the restaurant ends up with a full set of data reflecting their entire customer base (unlike sites like Yelp, where reviews are usually from customers that either really enjoyed or really disliked the place).

This data can then be used for multiple purposes by other applications (or through future developments in Vey):

The restaurant can keep researching and improving its business model, determining the weak and strong points in its service, environment, and products and testing whether product changes make any significant impact on customer perception. Customers can use customized criteria to sort restaurants, since Vey allows for the creation of large, broad data sets.

Vey is designed to fit naturally within the system and require minimal extra effort.

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