One of the main problems for students is finding them the right door in which teaching can take place and can for this also the lack of information in the labeling of individual rooms.


We would like to create a system that will use an integrated device called The access terminal displays all the important information about each room at the university. It will also make it possible to use 'various methods' to open individual rooms and determine which persons have access to a room or part of a building behind a door or not. The device could also be integrated at the entrance to individual buildings or parts of buildings and not focus only on individual rooms (However, we will present the prototype only in the rooms). The system will include an extensive back-end that will process data from each device that will be integrated at the door. The back-end will provide 'follow-up' information that will be used in statistics, or that other systems will be able to use it and thus further disseminate this technology. We also want to create a webové web user interface through which the whole system will be managed. More detailed information on the system design can be found in the following sections.

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