There are over 3.5 million Veteran owned companies in the US, many of them are service providers. Although there are a lot of Veteran owned companies, they often cannot find each other and therefore do not seek business from other Veterans.

It's time to change that and shift money already being spent by Veteran businesses back into the Veteran community. This will lead to more Veteran business growth through Veterans working with Veterans.

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What it does

Vetted is two things.

First, it's a web application that allows users to search and sort veteran businesses by location, rating, popularity, and service offered. This web app, built in React, allows for instantaneous searches and filtering, providing a quick and snappy user experience. The data for this site is pulled from a custom curated database of certified businesses.

Second, it's a Chrome extension that integrates relevant Vetted content next to your Google search results. Pulling from the same database, this Chrome extension shows veteran businesses related to whatever you may search. This makes finding businesses effortless.

How We built it

  • Front end web app was built with React.js, HTML, and CSS
  • Database API was built with PHP
  • Chrome extension was built with Javascript

Challenges we ran into

We struggled at first when creating the Chrome extension. This was our first time making an extension so it took a bit of extra learning and self-teaching to get started.

What's next for Vetted

Our Chrome extension is currently in the process of being approved to be put on the Chrome Extension web store.

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