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Now that most of people are staying at home, they're playing games with each other to connect. We play Dots & Boxes game (called As Poojyam Vettu in our local language Malayalam) when we were all kids. It's still a popular game in school :

How about we make it digital ? That'd be cool ! And we can play it with our friends after this !

We've also been working with WebTorrent and WebRTC P2P connections. It amazes us and inspire to make more P2P cool stuff.

What it does

Implements the Dots and Boxes game in JavaScript. Players can play with their browser itself on the webpage and connect directly. No registration, instant invite and play !

How we built it

P2P connection is established using WebTorrent trackers as signalling server in WebRTC. It's built with a library we're making to leverage WebTorrent trackers to establish P2P connections :

There's no backend involved ! All happens in the browser ! (except for the WebTorrent trackers)

Challenges we ran into

  • Building the grid
  • Building the logic for Dots and Boxes (How'd we know if a box is complete ?)
  • We're using Vue for the first time. It's good, but there were some problems we faced
  • Passing data peer to peer to know which box is selected

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It works ! We teammates played together and it worked

What we learned

  • We got to learn Vue !
  • We got to learn d3.js

What's next for Vett

  • Host it better and make it easily playable for everyone
  • Improve UX
  • Add invite links

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