• To provide a suite of tools for VeChain users, NFT collection creators, and developers to have improved access, analysis, and visualization of blockchain data. ## What it does
  • Useful set of tools for VFNTs, DEX Price Charts for VET Token Pairs, and much much more. ## How we built it
  • It was built primarily with R. With no VeChain SDK for R, all functions and development was custom built for VeChain integration. ## Challenges we ran into
  • Building a VeChain library of functions to use with a programming language minimally used in blockchain
  • Providing support for multiple NFT collections, NFT marketplaces, and DeFi apps. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Providing Vexchange candlestick charts with historical trades in an easy to read format
  • Allowing NFT collection creators 24/7 access to their list of holders
  • Creating a random NFT holder(s) wallet generator
  • First VNFT live data tool in the Ecosystem
  • Provided price sorting, filtering, and much more before any marketplaces had filtering built in.
  • Creators leverage our platform daily for selecting winners randomly, generating lists for airdrops and collection attribute holders and much more.
  • Have provided tremendous value to VNFT users across the Vecosystem. ## What we learned
  • How to better provide value to the average VNFT collector and creators. ## What's next for VeTools - VNFT & DEX Powertools
  • Add wallet integration
  • Improve NFT/DeFi analytics and visualizations
  • Aggregate and integrate multiple NFT/DeFi marketplaces

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