Giving Back to Veterans

  • Veterans risked their lives to let you sit in the comfort of your home, or at BostonHacks, and code. It’s time to give back and create solutions for problems countless veterans face every day.

Our Mission

  • Flip the hiring process; give organizations a resource for hiring veterans while providing veterans with a passive method to continue in their job search

What It Does

It makes the process of job hunting a seamless experience for veterans. All they have to do is put in some basic information in their profile and let us know their interests and skills. They can also upload a resume if they want.

The companies that are looking to hire can simply log in to our platform and search for veterans based on their skills and interests, which we call tags. Each veteran profile will have an option of having 2 of their most proficient skills/interests as tags. The companies can then view the veterans' profiles in detail and contact them by email.

Project Planning

Engineering Design Process (PLTW)

  1. Define Problem : Many veterans face a difficult transition into the civilian workforce. Job skill translation can make or break initial resume screenings of vets who are used to military acronyms and lingo. If a resume does not contain the right keywords, it is unlikely to pass the initial screening. Other challenges may arise for veterans with disabilities and guardsmen/reservist with future deployments.

  2. Brainstorming: The first thing that came to mind while brainstorming ways to help veterans was to assist them with their transition back into the civilian workforce. Firsts things first, veterans need to find and secure a job, which can be a daunting and resource intensive task; so we set out with that.

  3. Research and Generate Ideas: Nowadays, most preliminary job searches start out with the internet, so we decided to make a website/platform. BUT we wanted to make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for veterans to get hired... so we decided to flip the traditional job search process and enable organizations (who may need to fill immediate positions) to find potential candidates and reach out to them at their own volition. Unlike competitors... our database search service will be free to use (AS A THANK YOU TO OUR VETERANS)!! Although, we may end up asking for donations to keep our servers up and running.

  4. Identify Criteria and Constraints: We might have tripped over some legalities without our knowledge (neither of us are lawyers). Unfortunately, the only method we could find for the public to validate a veteran's service record is by filing a SF-180 veteran status validation form. So, other than ticking a legal consent "I hereby acknowledge that I have served in the U.S. Military and am a protected veteran" we have yet to find a workaround for validating that our users are actual veterans. Also, neither of us were able to fully research employment and discrimination laws during the length of this BostonHacks.

  5. Explore Possibilities: Veterans may find a solution to our shared problem by working alongside a recruiter. However, recruiters often work within localities and are limited by their corporate partnerships. Our platform seeks to leave this search criteria open ended.

  6. Select an Approach: We are keeping it simple by building a website/web resource!

  7. Develop a Design Proposal

  8. Come up with a Minimum Viable Product

  9. Test and Evaluate

How We Built It

We built our web app using Django framework, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Challenges We Ran Into

  • One of the major challenges we faced was the verification of veteran status. There was no easy way to do that and we decided to add this task to our list of future enhancements
  • Coming up with a website design that's easy to use for the veterans as well as the companies was a challenging but a fulfilling task
  • We also faced some issues while populating our home and profile pages with the entries from the database.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • The ease of use of our job hunting application for veterans was definitely one of our proudest moments of the weekend
  • Coming up with a dynamic responsive website from scratch in such less time was one of our achievements, since we were only a team of 2

What's next for jobs4veterans

We plan to add a lot more features like-

  • An efficient way to verify the veteran status
  • Advanced search with more filters
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to automatically match the veterans with their desired jobs and companies
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