We got your pets, no need for vets

We have created a user-friendly website on which you can get your pet examined for any disease just by clicking the picture, uploading it and the results will be displayed instantaneously.

We know how much you love your pet and how hard it is for you to see him suffer. Going out to meet a vet in these pandemic times is not a good idea. We are at your help. Just do two steps of
1) Click the picture of the abnormal part (Eyes, skin, legs) of the pet 2) Upload that picture and wait for a second.

If your pet has any disease AI will show you the name and short description of the disease, along with some cures, medicines that are given in this case. If our AI thinks that your pet has some serious disease it will tell you to contact the vet asap. You can always have a second opinion from our Vet if you have a premium subscription.

To run/ Setup over local system

1.) Clone the repo using the command:

git clone

2.) Download model to the main directory from the link:
2.) Create a virtual environment in python and run following

pip install -r requirements.txt
python runserver

Congratulation you are all set :partying_face:

Problem solved and Solution:


1) COVID-19 : In the current scenario of COVID-19 it is extremly difficult to take your diseased pet to consult a vet. The more people come in contact, the more chances of you getting the disease. 2) Unaffordable bills: All of us who have pets know that medical care for pets is highly costly and some people won't be able to afford that. High consultation charges makes monthly checkup of pets less probable and this is not even thought of. 3) Travelling pain: Your pet might not love the polluted air on city roads. Pets get irritated while owners are taking them outside to consult a vet. Pets need to rest if they are diseased. 4) While waiting for the turn, your pet will come in contact with certain another animals who might have contagious disease and there is a chance that your pet might catch some serious disease due to it. 5) Monthly checkups for human are a known term, but by using our application people can do monthly checkup of their pets and that cost free.


VetAce is a web-based app solution in which a user can:
1) Click the pic of the pet. 2) Upload to our website.
3) Our Web app uses AI that will predict the disease from the picture you uploaded.
4) As an output you will see the disease name, description of the disease, steps to take care of your pet, pre-treatment steps, medicines that are needed to be given, and somehyperlinks which you can refer to cure the disease.
5) If our AI thinks that the disease is pretty serious, it will suggest you visit the vet as soon as possible. 6) We have a subscription model, if you are our subscriber we will provide the opinion of the vet.

Machine learning part

We had trained a Multi-Class Classifier Convolution neural network model over 5 broad categories (Hair loss, Loss of Appetite, Ticks, patches on the body, watery eyes). The model is trained over 75 epochs, Adam optimizer with 0.001 learning rate, and used 6 layered CNN. We had trained 2 different models, one for Dogs and the other for cats. Further, we could scale it to as many diseases and animals as we want. In the future, we can train the machine learning model with more number of images so that the prediction accuracy of the model improves.

Currently, we can classify the diseases in the the animal in 5 categories but later on we can use more data and computational power to train a better model which can classify more diseases with respect to different animals.

Along with this application is full of information. It provides the user with all the information related to the diseases commonly found in domestic animals (cat and dog).

Market feasibility and Business model

This website/software can generate revenue through these models:

Software as a Service Model for Vet

The software or website will be given as a service to the various veterinary doctors to track development and improvement in animals of their potential customers. VET can look after them regularly with physical meetings and can provide the best treatment possible. they can provide suggestions to owners on how they can look after and cure the disease in minimal time. through our portal.
We will use the django-tenant-model to register every VET as a tenant and every tenant will have his/her private patients.
These dieticians will be asked to pay for our service.

Advertisement Model

Here we could advertise some shops from where pet goods, medicine or curing material could be bought and also could promote specific VET on basis of their subscription and requirement.

Video link for demo

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