Our market research has allowed us to learn valuable information about the veteran community. We have found that despite the difficulties veterans have experienced, many feel reluctant to receive or even ask for assistance as a result of believing that there are others more deserving. This comes as a result of knowing other veterans who they believe have been through more, seen more war, and lost more.

This reluctance to receive and ask for assistance, however, does not mean that these veterans need to come back stateside to work things out on their own.

What it does

Stateside enables veterans to create missions which are projects of nearly any scope that bring groups of veterans together. The mission itself will enable heroes to continue to be heroes while allowing vets and their friends to have a common purpose to bond over, all of which will bring more satisfaction, and a sense of purpose to the lives of veterans even while being stateside.

How we built it

We will develop primary use cases which will inform user stories. These user stories will then turn into a user experience and flow that will inform the priority of our Product Backlog. We used .net/C# with MSSQL, as well as good ol' JS, HTML, CSS, and Handlebars to deliver a web-based app.

Challenges we ran into

As a result of such a limited delivery schedule, it is easy to lose track of what has just been completed and what is pending to be completed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of our developers have never worked on an application of this magnitude, or even on this technology stack. We also got the map flippity-flip to work. Deploying to Azure via github was also a first.

What we learned

We learned the difficulty of building an application of this scope in such a limited amount of time, as well as how to quickly form a team and manage a workflow together.

What's next for stateside

We hope to fully build out our application and get it into the hands of the Veteran community in hopes that our user base will grow organically. We believe stateside can have a substantial impact in the Veteran community. We also intend to allow individuals to post jobs who prefer to give paid jobs to Veterans over other individuals.

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