VetBay is a single vendor E-commerce site with future extensibility into a multi-vendor and multi-payment gateway application with a focus on veterans built upon saleor. With future modifications, veteran owned businesses will have a platform to promote their products in a community created for veterans. Much like the motto "Made in America", VetBay focuses on selling veteran owned business specific goods and services as a reputable source of items to the broader community. Moreover, we wish to foster the growing veteran community by offering discounts to all veteran customers. The current feature set allows for customer registration; creation of companies; the ability for the administrators to create, sell, and market products; and basic shipping and fulfillment capabilities. Using django-payments, the website can support common payment methods like PayPal, Google Wallet, Stripe, and Coinbase for crytocurrency. While the E-commerce market is rapidly growing, VetBay will harness the untapped veteran goods and services market to provide and promote for veterans and their businesses.

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