The current challenges of the healthcare delivery system. As we move to a value-based care delivery model and away from fee-for-service we need to provide patients the tools to be an active member of their care team in the 90% of the time they spend outside the healthcare facility.

What it does

At Veta Health, we optimize health outcomes through digital technologies. Our protocol driven care pathways support and respond to patients outside traditional care settings. We empower patients with the tools they need to effectively self-manage and guide them on their care journeys with responsive automated actions and advanced analytics for patient specific guidance and health outcome optimization.

What's next for Veta Health_Novartis TechCrunch Challenge

Research & Analytics: Further build the clinical research and predictive analytics capabilities of the platform. This will help advance our machine learning layer to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and decrease time to treatment for patients by providing access to broader Congestive Heart Failure populations, and Novartis specific drug pathways (i.e. Enestro). Product Development: Gain real-world evidence through increased user base to inform product development and strategically leverage feedback from all involved stakeholders. Innovation Partnership: Opportunity to collaborate with Novartis and industry leaders such as Apple to develop an even more robust heart failure protocol, using innovative iWatch technologies, and existing research kit integrations to include a greater volume of health indicators through the device to to deliver more patient specific care pathways

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