Vet’s Panic Button

Inspiration: America’s brave men and women serve our country under stressful conditions far away from home. Large numbers of US veterans need help as they reintegrate into civilian life. Tragically, too many vets (an average of 22 each day) aren’t able to get the help they need when its needed most resulting in suicides. This app is available when a vet is in crisis, and also when they have civil or family law disputes, or they realize they need a will.

What it does: The “panic button” is an app that can quickly link a veteran in crisis with re-missioned veterans who are ready to get to work helping the vet to identify appropriate resources. Veterans who are ready to work on critical problem issue areas, like family law or estate planning, will be guided to plain language, intuitive, and robust resources that will allow them to take charge of resolving problems on their own, or with the help of trained helping professionals (like mediators, mental health professionals, attorneys.)

GPS functionality to include the location of a suicidal user of the app. Also, incorporate will and estate planning.

This also provides a new employment means for Vets who become conflict managers.

How we built it: Node.JS, html

Challenges we ran into: Getting dedicated developers, incorporating ideas into a fluid project plan; translating ideas into functional online tool; creating a script and video to demonstrate the application

Accomplishments that we’re proud of: providing a tool to help prevent suicides by vets; building support pieces that cover a range of vet stressors, building a functional website,

What we learned: How to create a video to demonstrate the application; It takes a dedicated community of vets, developers, designers, conflict managers and more.

What's next for Vet's Panic Button: Add additional functionality, continued beta testing and LAUNCH. We have users ready to use it!

Project Development Plan:!153715&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&authkey=!AJ4sS4xcDCZk0TM

Thank you!

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