Vet Opps is a comprehensive leading provider of streamline search, delivery and responsive service to increase opportunities, access and resources for Veteran Own Businesses in all areas of procurement acquisition.

Serves Veteran Own Businesses by allowing customers to use the Mobile App via SalesForce1 Platform to search easily for government and corporate RFI/RFPs .

Allows mobile users to check for new up-to-date bid leads, dashboards and potential connections for more opportunities.

Target and match the right Veteran Own Business with the right opportunities in a highly effective way to assist in a successful and healthy business.

Connect, engage and build communities through social interactions with social feeds, files, apps and important information.

Simplify navigation to create and leverage the web portal that allows access via Mobile App in a more convenient and effective marketing way by alerts and notifications.

Bring customers directly to the SalesForce environment by introduction and access to SalesForce Mobile App to increase overall sales, growth and success.

Improve coordination and efficiently focus integration and collaboration across government and corporation is key to obtaining contracts.

Greater cohesion and coordination with Contract Administrators is a stronger collaboration across Veteran focus communities.

Timely sharing and proper placement of opportunities allows for acceleration of community based platform throughout the information networks.

Currently, there is no source or streamlined process that meets government congressionally mandated goals allowing Veteran Own Business to access opportunities.

Improving Veterans access to information on contracting opportunities, resources and tools are imperative to the growth and success of our economy.

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