Various restaurants and supermarkets, waste tons of food, and expired products. People don't buy items that are about to expire and these are usually sold out at a cheap rate and eventually gone to waste. So why not give these to people those who actually need it at a cheaper rate, of course telling them the product would expire soon. Restaurants have buffets and events and tons of food are cooked for the same. These technically aren't leftovers but these are definitely going to waste, so why not give this out for free or sell it at a cheaper rate. This would definitely bring a smile on a family's face.

What it does

We have a web app and a mobile application, each extending each other's features. The mobile app uses your location and finds the nearest store in your location and provides you details of their about to expire products and restaurants that have extra food and are willing to sell it for a lower rate. The web application focuses on the society where people that can buy and afford these things, can give it to the poor for free as a donation.

How I built it

The mobile app was made on Flutter, Firebase, and Google Maps API SDK. The web app was designed with Pug, Flask, and Node.Js for the backend.

Challenges I ran into

A couple of integrations and CI/CD pipelining failures, which was later fixed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Teamwork and coming up with a sudden project and finishing it in no time was devious but we did it.

What I learned

Use of new technology and time management.

What's next for Vestige

ML and AI integration for better prediction and analysis of hotels and supermarkets.

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