When searches for colleges, students may get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to put in to find important information about their college such as graduation rate, curriculums for their intended degree, and contact information for various departments in the institution.

What it does

VESCA is reduces the need to scour mutiple websites to find information that can be found in just a few clicks with us! We would allow general users to view information on potential colleges, the potential classes they would have to take depending on their major, apply for opportunities for or through the school, and other features. If users sign up to be a member, their privileges would increase. They can create a list of potential schools, compare curriculum (especially appealing to potential graduate school students), and join our interactive community.

How I built it

We imported a bootstrap template and customized it to reflect the needs of our project in HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

We initially attempted to use Git to collaborate our efforts; however, it proved to be a challenge and a hindrance as we were both unfamiliar to the territory. Therefore, we used a free host site to edit the files and create the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned how to bootstrap, gain a better understanding of programming in HTML, get more familiar with Git, and practice more techniques to customize the design of a website.

What I learned

Bootstrapping is not as difficult as we thought it would be. We have significantly improved our programming skills in such a short time.

What's next for VESCA

We must get curriculum from schools and their permission to use their information on our website, create the profile page, create and expand the capabilities of the search tools, incorporate machine translation, create user-friendly mobile app version, and add security to our site so that member information is protected. We must also change the name of the domain or get a new domain. The initial name we chose was hastily created and is not related to our actual project.

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