Our Inspiration: was based upon our own lived experiences amidst climate change within our perspective regions. Coming from unique backgrounds we discussed what we saw within our own communities and explored the possibilities of if we came together to tackle the issue of collective effort & engagement.

What it does: Climate change is a multidimensional issue that is pressing humanity for immediate action. It can be overwhelming as individual to know what and how to get involved in contributing to the greater change. That is why we built Verte in which is a rewards based app that helps connect the user to local volunteer opportunities based upon their locality. Alongside their engagement they are incentivized through a reward system that would go towards points to discount on groceries as an example.

How we built it: We initially started through collecting user data through surveys we compared our findings to then construct our initial designs. Each of our members were engaged through every step of the design and execution of the app. Within these steps we used Figma to build our prototype to base our archetype on. Then we came up with NPM to build the app using Yarn.

Challenges we ran into: Coordinating with one another's schedules since there were time zones in which we were 10+ apart. We were able to accommodate each other's schedules & was great to learn from another.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We learned ALOT! Knowledge that we gained were new programming skills such as using SASS, NPM, Yarn, + Figma. The skill level of expertise varied amongst one another but at the end of the day were able to guide another along the project.

What we learned: Time management.

What's next for Verte: Full execution of the app.

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