In my locality, COVID19 cases were increasing day by day, one of the main reason was social distancing was not being followed in fruits shops, as fruits were an essential item people were going to these fruits shops and without following any social distancing it ended up being a huge reason of spread of the virus. Also over the years in the farms, they stopped growing what we called healthy vegetables. They started blooming what we called unhealthy lives. This is not a reality where we wanted to grow old or let the ones we care grow. Vertcart promises to take you to your origin Where whatever grew was the pure love of Mother Nature. Where everything we consumed was actually for having a healthy life. At vert cart, We want to take you us on a healthy journey with your loved ones where our principles won’t be sacrificed at the altar of profitability.

What it does

We deliver freshly picked fruits and vegetables at your doorstep. We made a very easy to use website which can even be understood my not some who is not tech-savvy .

How I built it

I built it using webflow, I learned a lot about webflow took the crash course and after some time trying it I finally was able to make the website

Challenges I ran into

Since the website would be used by older age people who are not that tech-savvy so understanding the design making the UI such that even they can easily use it was a challenge, understanding how e-commerce work was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the project on time, as I took a bit of time in understanding web flow although it was fairly easy to use

What I learned

I learned a lot especially how to design so that people from older age group are able to easily use our website, we made the design very simple and aesthetically pleasing so they can easily find out what products they are looking for that said one thing that I will definitely take away are how useful is Webflow in making website and how fast I can go from idea to product phase.

What's next for VertCart

We would like to start testing our product

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