I learnt to program with Java developing Minecraft Servers, when I was 16. I created a big community called 'SpainPvP' ( with my friends, and we achived to have more than 600k unique players. We closed the comunity at the beginning of 2018. This year I started to learng how to develop Twitch extensions because the live show "npm start twitch-dev-aws | Season 1" from the TwitchDev twitch channel. Then I listened about the DevJam so I started developing my own extension.

What it does

I made a queue system, in order to create a matchmaking between the viewers and the streamer in Minecraft Servers.

Streamers can:

  • Create a queue
  • Play with their viewers on Minecraft Servers
  • Change the order of the queue (bits, time)
  • Dequeue players from it

Viewers can:

  • Play with the streamer
  • Join the queue
  • Use bits to get a better position on it

Any minecraft server that already exists is able to use this system in order to integrate Twitch with their current games.

How I built it

The logic off the systems is controlled by the EBS which communicates with the front-end and the Minecraft Server.


  • JavaScript
    • React
    • Custom CSS and Semantic UI


  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • JWT

Minecraft Server

  • Java
  • Spigot
  • Maven

Challenges I ran into

I had experience developing in Java and Minecraft Servers, but i had never made on a real environment a web development. So I have learnt React and all the Twitch Extension system.

What's next for VersusCraft

After making the system, I realized that I made some mistakes, so I want to refactor the system and change the system in order to make it more affordable. Also I want to advertise the integration this integration on the Minecraft Community for expand the number of compatible Minecraft Servers, and improve the streamer and viewer experience increasing the servers and minigames available.

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