Watching AI play chess is boring! Watching AI play Go is boring! We wanted to make an AI that plays football! We also wanted to allow users to upload AI and be able to constantly watch AI football games.

What it does

AI vs AI football, 24/7. Users upload lua scripts to control their team. Each lua script gets 1/20 of a second to think about how to move their players. Any questions?

How I built it

The Game Engine was written in Python, and user scripts are written in Lua. Lua has a very powerful sandboxing feature, so that we won't get hacked by a malicious script. Don't ask me how the web server works, that's a question for our web guy, James. It's magic to me.

Challenges I ran into

Simulating football, as it turns out, is not trivial

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Lua is super cool. Also, AWS makes it super easy to scale the server count up and down for AI.

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